Getting married in the magic Cartagena de Indias is a dream of many, the realization of a wedding needs a fairy godmother who can make everything PERFECT! So in this blog we will be talking about some details that you must have in mind when selecting the Heroic as the destination to make your wedding. Let us begin!


1. Being a coastal city, Cartagena has many weathers, even if it rains in certain months, the heat is the daily bread of Cartagena and all its visitors. Its temperature varies between 27 ° C – 33 ° C, so unless you do your wedding in an air-conditioned room we recommend the faithful friend of the heat, the hand fan! It is an important detail when it comes to keep your guests happy. The best thing about these famous fans, is that you can find them in different colors, textures and materials, ideal when you have already decided the style of your wedding


2. As the group Rikarena says “Sacudelo que tiene arena (shake it because is sandy)”. Without a doubt, the antagonist of beach weddings is the SAND !, especially when you can’t take it off from your feet while putting on your shoes. Don’t panick, we have a solution, a brush station for guests to clean their feet. A very simple but important detail when it comes to having your guests at ease. There are many more ideas when it comes to dealing with the sand on your wedding day, it’s just a matter of creativity !!!


3. the 70% of the requests we receive are usually to make the wedding and reception on the beach, the perfect setting to capture a special moment. However there are several things you should keep in mind when planning your ceremony or reception at the beach:

3.1. The Catholic Ceremonies: Unfortunately in Cartagena, the priests are forbidden to do Catholic ceremonies outside the church, so if you want to do your Catholic ceremony on the beach you must bring your own priest and register your marriage in the parish of the same.

3.2. Permissions, Permissions and More Permissions!: Being a public site, is necessary to obtain certain permits to carry out the event on the beach in order to not have a problem with the authorities. These permits must be processed with time so the sooner the better

3.3. Beach party until dawn: The authorities only let do this kind of events until 10PM, however there are hotels and terraces with view of the beach and the sea, so this option is more viable to celebrate until 2am intoxicated for the view of the sea.

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