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10 songs for the first dance as spouses!

While the cherry on top at the ceremony is the long-awaited "Yes, I do" at the reception the first dance as spouses is the climax of the entire event. For some couples the selection of the song is easy, like their favorite song, the song that reminds them of their first kiss, or the first [...]

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How to choose your wedding theme

Selecting the theme of the wedding, you should definitely have in mind some factors. Things like the personalities and tastes of the two of you, also the vibes and the atmosphere that you want to create for your special day. Below we will ask some questions that you should keep in mind so that the [...]

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3 Tips for Your Wedding in Cartagena!

Getting married in the magic Cartagena de Indias is a dream of many, the realization of a wedding needs a fairy godmother who can make everything PERFECT! So in this blog we will be talking about some details that you must have in mind when selecting the Heroic as the destination to make your wedding. [...]

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Alba & Luis – 1st Anniversary

It was 1 in the afternoon when I received the call from one of my suppliers at the wedding venue, "Mrs. Regina, the energy has not arrived yet and they say it arrives at night", I felt like the pressure went up by one thousandth second. Let's go back 2 years, Alba and Luis contacted [...]

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¡ First Wedding Anniversary – PAPER WEDDING !

Whoever devised the meanings of anniversaries probably figured the happy couple might still be balancing the budget a year on from their wedding – so the traditional first gift is pretty affordable! The tradition of giving paper on your first year together comes from the idea your first year of marriage is like a blank [...]

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¡ A sweet wedding in Cartagena!

Sugar, candies and many colors! The secret ingredients to make your wedding, an unforgettable event. One of the most frequent and requested wishes from the bride and groom is that all the guests can experience the typical of the region, from a crazy hour of "Carnaval de Barranquilla" to a "Cocada de guayaba" from the [...]

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