Selecting the theme of the wedding, you should definitely have in mind some factors. Things like the personalities and tastes of the two of you, also the vibes and the atmosphere that you want to create for your special day.

Below we will ask some questions that you should keep in mind so that the theme of the wedding reflects your personality in the best way.

Where will your wedding be held?

Think about the place and consider the colors that it would suit. If you’re going to do your wedding in a dark place like a nightclub, would you really want the colors to be black and white? No one could see any detail.

Better use the place of your wedding as a platform to inspire. If it’s on the beach, then a beach theme with blue, also the silver tones is a perfect choice.

Will you marry in a garden? or maybe in a rainforecast? use the surroundings of your place to select the theme of your wedding, and consider that a natural element is good for your wedding style.

What sort of mood are you going for?

It is a very important factor to consider. You and your partner are a little carefree? Then a relaxed atmosphere could combine well with their personalities. In addition, themes such as bohemians or beachbirds tend to reflect a natural and relaxed atmosphere. See how you can start creating something more concrete?

On the other hand, if you want a glamorous and party atmosphere for your wedding, with lots of food, music, flowers and lights? A contemporary-glam theme is the perfect theme, or even an Art Deco theme with a glamorous style similar to The Great Gatbsy?

Consider what vibra you want to convey with the theme and how you imagine your guests celebrating.

What is your favourite colour?

Selecting the color of the theme for your wedding will really help to visualize the general theme.

Think about your favorite colors and what wedding styles are usually used. For example, white, gold, silver and black are the classic colors most used for a traditional and luxurious wedding.

A similar example would be colors like navy blue and silver frequently used for weddings with a more contemporary elegant style.

Each primary color and its combinations can work in different shades, so if you have dreamed of a purple theme but you can not make it work, you can always choose a pastel lavender tone.

¡Create a Moodboard!

Another way to discover the theme you want for your wedding is to create a Board with the images you like. You can find images on Pinterest, instagram or even google.

Once you have selected the images you like, print them and hang them on a board (or if you know how to use design programs, create a digital board). See all the images together will help you decipher the inclination of styles and colors you have.

You might notice that most photos have gold or silver, or maybe, all the photos you selected reflect a certain atmosphere or style.

What is your dress like?

Many people do all this upside down, select the theme and place of the wedding, then look for a dress that suits. But, if you are on the other side of the stage, then use the style of your dress to select the theme of the wedding.

If you have already selected a dress, or do not know what style of dress you are looking for, consider the elements and aesthetics of the dress. Is it delicate and capricious? or is it modern or minimalist, with lines and clear edges? Or, maybe it’s a princess dress full of lace and ornaments?

Use the style of your dress to guide you in selecting the theme of your wedding.


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