Sugar, candies and many colors! The secret ingredients to make your wedding, an unforgettable event.

One of the most frequent and requested wishes from the bride and groom is that all the guests can experience the typical of the region, from a crazy hour of “Carnaval de Barranquilla” to a “Cocada de guayaba” from the portal of candies.

Without a doubt, after dinner, what is most expected is the dessert table! and why not? add  typical candies of the region will surprise the palate of all the guests. We want to take the initiative to teach you a little more about these captivating candies that the heroic offers us.

These peculiar candies date from the early twentieth century where they played an important role in lightening the waiting times of users when the bus did not leave until the quota was filled. Grandmothers and midwives at that time aside their space on the site, which then takes the name of “portal sweets” – to sell their secret recipes for the preparation of coconut, sesame, papaya, tamarind and many other ingredients.


Cocadas (Coconut or guava), Milk dolls, Tamarind balls, Sesame seeds, Panderitos, Cubanitos, Alegrías, Casadilla, Caballitos and many more variations are the “typical” that your dessert table needs.

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Fotografía: MAT // Regina Brieva